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Doug Stephens -The Retail Prophet on Thought and Leaders global podcast

August 04, 2021 Jonathan Gabay Season 8 Episode 6
Thought and Leaders
Doug Stephens -The Retail Prophet on Thought and Leaders global podcast
Show Notes

Doug Stephens is one of the world’s foremost retail industry futurists. His thinking has influenced many of the world’s best-known retailers, agencies and brands, including Walmart, Google, Home Depot, Disney, BMW, Coca Cola and Intel. Doug is also listed as one of the industry’s top 5 global influencers by

Before founding Retail Prophet, Doug spent over 20 years in the retail industry, holding senior international roles, including the leadership of one of New York City’s most historic retail chains.

He is the author of three ground-breaking books, The Retail Revival: Re-Imagining Business for the New Age of Consumerism, Reengineering Retail: The Future of Selling in a Post-Digital World and Resurrecting Retail: The Future of Business in a Post-Pandemic World, which asks what if Covid-19 is not a cataclysm, but a catalyst for retailers?

 Doug’s perspectives on retailing, business and consumer behaviour are regularly featured by media outlets including The New York Times, The BBC, Bloomberg Business News, TechCrunch, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and Fast Company.

Doug regularly speaks to major brands and organizations across North and South America, Europe, Asia, The Middle East and Australia.

In this compelling episode of Thought and Leaders, Doug talks candidly to Jonathan Gabay about ‘IR’ (Integrated Retail and the rise of the ‘Metaverse Merchandiser’.  The broadcast is highly recommended for any retailer looking to secure a brand that can succeed post-2020.

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