Thought and Leaders

Jamie Hull From the flames to a phoenix - Becoming a new you.

June 11, 2021 Jonathan Gabay Season 8 Episode 1
Thought and Leaders
Jamie Hull From the flames to a phoenix - Becoming a new you.
Show Notes

Beneath perceptions, who you?

A husband?  A wife?  Lover? Son?  Daughter?  Parent?  Boss? Employee?

At different stages of life, we assume different identities and responsibilities.

Circumstance changes - along with how we address them.

Jamie Hull has been a police officer, a SAS trooper trainee pilot and more…

Each experience added to his life journey.

…Until in a flash, his life went up in flames.

By all accounts, he should have died.

Even if he survived, with over 63% third and fourth-degree burns and only a 5% chance of survival, would life be worth living?

Listen to the remarkable story of a man who became a different person by becoming the man he always was beneath his skin.

His story will take to you to the furthest extremes of human endurance and endeavour.  It may just help you become a better version of YOU.

 (Not suitable for younger listeners).

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Episode length: 41 minutes.