Thought and Leaders

Mark Borkowski on Thought and Leaders

March 25, 2021 Jonathan Gabay Season 7 Episode 4
Thought and Leaders
Mark Borkowski on Thought and Leaders
Show Notes

Mark Borkowski is widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in the industry’s recent history. 

He has consistently delivered successful publicity, communications and crisis management campaigns for over 30 years.

According to Richard Bailey, editor of PR Place: “Borkowski has done more than anyone to rehabilitate and celebrate the craft of the publicist by recognising the sophisticated use of psychology and visual communication.”
 Mark has been named in every edition of PR Week’s Power Book, including in the inaugural 2020 list of the industry’s top crisis and reputation managers, as well as being named as one of Spears Magazine’s top reputation managers of 2021 and one of the Evening Standard’s Progress 1000 2019.

In this episode of the global podcast, Thought and Leaders, Mark talks to Jonathan Gabay about his career,  views on PR trends and how organisations have used the media circus  to address the COVID pandemic and vaccination programme

A fascinating -must-hear programme that reveals the inner workings of the PR machine 

(34 minutes listening time)

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