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Is the traditional high street, post-COVID dead?

March 03, 2021 Jonathan Gabay Season 7 Episode 2
Thought and Leaders
Is the traditional high street, post-COVID dead?
Show Notes

Rishi Sunak has delivered his budget to lift business back onto its feet post-COVID.  

The spin doctors at the UK’s Treasury Office have trumpeted Rishi Sunak’s 'ode to redemption' as a “£6bn tax cut for businesses".

A six-month extension period has been announced where rates will be two-thirds of the normal charge, up to a maximum of £2m for closed businesses.

But are such measures too little, too late?

As digital leaves in deepest ever footprint, is the traditional high-street- as we once knew it pre-pandemic - finally dead?

GDP growth forecast for 2021 has been downgraded to 4% (from 5.5%).

Unemployment is expected to peak at 6.5%

By 2023/24, debt is set to crest at 97% of GDP, with government borrowing reaching  £335bn in 2021/21.  (The highest level since WW2).

Where once stood titan high-street brands, now rest ghosts of shopping empires long-past.

Against this backdrop, can a hybrid of digital and bricks & mortar be a practical solution?

Will ‘experiential’ shopping prove to be the equivalent of a miraculous Pfizer shot in the retail’s arm?

‘On-the-shop-floor’ is  a special Thought and Leaders panel discussion of respected retail experts:

Paul Brooks -   the man who creates “moments of beauty” for world-renowned brands.

Martin Newman -  customer service guru, author and former head of  Multichannel operations of some of the world's leading brands.

Susannah Streeter -  a highly respected BBC News broadcaster and financial commentator.  (Currently Senior Investment and Markets Analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown).

Jonathan Sands - Founder, Co-Owner/Operator of one of London's only privately owned independent Museum's, producing and maintaining the 'Bond in Motion' Exhibition ….Co-Owner/Operator of acclaimed multi-million global entertainment merchandise retail stores.

Tune into what could be 2021's most compelling retail debate to date. 

(42 minutes listening time).

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